quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

Anyone here's a fool?

'Is there anyone here who's a fool?' Ela perguntou. (silêncios interrompidos) 'Come on, there must be someone... Well, I am. Imagine if everyone here would leave with someone else, tonight?.. (risos) That would be funny, right? Well, one thing's for sure, when things go wrong, one day someone ends up knocking at your door: knock, knock (gesto). You open the door and your face opens up in surprise (a cara dela fá-lo): tarahhh! There he is. With a box. Soon you realise that box contains all the stuff you left behind. And he's returning it. So, one thing's for sure for us fools: we always get our stuff back!' - Melody Gardot (+ou- citado, com a memória ainda fresca.. - Porto, 6 Junho 2010 - CdM)

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