terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

Gute Nacht.

Gute Nacht(Muller/Schubert)

Good Night 
I came here a stranger, 
As a stranger I depart. 
May favored me 
With many a bunch of flowers. 
I cannot choose the time 
To begin my journey, 
Must find my own way 
In this darkness. 
A shadow of the moon travels 
With me as my companion, 
And upon the white fields 
I seek the deer's track. 
Why should I stay here any longer 
So that people can drive me away ? 
Let stray dogs howl 
In front of their master's house; 
Love loves to wander - 
God made it that way - 
From one to the other, 
My dearest, good night! 
I don't want to disturb your dreaming, 
It would be a shame to wake you. 
You won't hear my step, 
Softly, softly the door closes ! 
I write in passing 
On your gate: Good night, 
So that you may see 
That I thought of you.

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